Hey, Lynne here! I am a twenty-somethings grad student from the middle of the Mid-West (if you don’t know where that is I disown you) who loves simple pleasures and easy laughter…cliche I agree, but there you have it. I have a large family, grew up on a farm/ranch, only listen to country music, and have an eclectic personal library.

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Here are some more short (and maybe irrelevant) facts about me:

1) I am working toward a career in education or family business-it depends on the day you ask me.
2) I love cats, but not in the creepy hairnet-bathrob kinda way.
3) I bake as often as I can because I find it relaxing & enjoyable but my roommates tend to reap the rewards as I rarely make it for me to eat.
4) I have a degree in mass communications.
5) I have a passion for decorating, crafting, photography, scrapbooking, and reading.

With DIY and Pinterest being all the new craze I have found the biggest challenge is actually doing the said “do-it-yourself” projects! Some people’s Pinterest (or similar) sites are full of recipes, crafts, fashions, home projects, etc. that they plan to try or would love to try-but who’s to say it is really being done? Along those lines I was recently posed a question about these sites How do you know that anyone has ever tried that recipe you just pinned? For all you know it’s the worst thing ever and 100 people just shared it believing someone, somewhere used it and it worked out great!

Thus, here is my new blog, where I will document the journey of doing-it-myself recipes, crafts, fashions, projects, hairstyles and the like and informing all of you which ones I give the thumbs up and where I would do it differently! As well as, consisting of reviews, comments, stories, and character love affairs, and everything else concerning the amazing adventure of getting lost in the pages of a good book!

My library is shelved with standard fiction, fantasy fiction, historical fiction, romance, westerns, religious fiction, science fiction, young adult lit, a few non-fiction (not big on those), novels, series, audiobooks, trilogies (even the ones with 4 books), and others I have probably forgotten.

If you also share a love books and understand how “one more chapter” can lead to finishing the book at 3a.m. on a Tuesday night, then I hope you enjoy this blog!

My Rating System: Catpaws

Areas: storyline, characters, plot, reading experience

 Amazing in all areas – probably read several times
 Amazing in all but one small area – would read again
 Lacking in at least two areas – iffy on the read again
 Very much lacking – hoping I checked it out from the library
 Wouldn’t recommend – wish I hadn’t tried


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