Audio Books

Not sure where you stand on the audio book front? Neither was I…until about a year ago.

I was the book shop and library browser who always took a turn past the audio books (books on cd), stopped to pick up a few, contemplate the possibilities, and then move on to some solid paper and leather. One of the things stopping me – the price! I hardly like to spend more than $15 on a hardcover book let alone $45 on an audio book I wasn’t even sure I would like.

Then, I caved.

One of my favorite books (The Host) was in CD format, on sale for $14.95 right at the counter – I just grabbed it and didn’t look back!


The story was still the story, the voices came alive, and I could “read” the book while doing something else entirely – mostly driving, I do a lot of long trips and sometimes radio station commercials get boring.

My Advice

If you’re still on the fence about audio books but want to try it out anyway, here is my advice to you:
1) Choose a book you know you love
2) Find it cheap or find it a library
3) Listen to it
4) If it was great, try another
5) If it sucked, try another (then if it still sucks, you tried!)



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