Books with No Reviews

This page is dedicated to all those books & series that need absolutely NO explanation because of A) they are or will be classics or B) you wouldn’t care if I did write it! You may agree or disagree with my decisions on some of these, but it is my blog so my opinion counts. However, feel free to comment or start a discussion, I would love to hear your views!

I am not saying I will never bring up any of these works, I am saying I will not review them in terms of should you or should you not read them. Any of these may appear in a post or two in relation to other books or reading them as a book club or listening to them on audio book, etc.

* Harry Potter Series 1-7, enough said.

* All Jane Austen’s works, classics.

* Lord of the Rings Trilogy, if you haven’t read them you should.

* The Outsiders, The Giver, Holes, The Scarlet Letter, Shakespeare’s works, Treasure Island…you should have read at least two of these in school.

* Twilight Series, no I am not a twihard, see reason B.

MORE TO COME…because there are always more!


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