DIY Sweater Boot Socks

Sweater Socks by Cappuccino & WineThis was another Pinterest find that I was glad to stumble across! I recently (finally) purchased some brown and black knee-high boots for wearing over tights or jeans and I love them! Once I had them I really wanted to try the knit sock over-the-top-of-the-boot look, however, finding said socks that fit UNDER your boots along with your pants is NOT easy! Thus, my sister and I tried out this idea – using old knit sweaters to make what looks like socks but is actually a “boot topper”.

We stopped by Goodwill to search out sweaters with fun patterned sleeves in the colors we each liked (brown, white, gray, black). We picked out six for about $3.75 each.

Next, you cut off the sleeves  of the sweater to length of your leg/desired length. OR you can cut up parts of the sweater and sew the pieces together to form a sock.

*Make certain you try on the sweater sleeve or piece on over your jeans or leggings before you bring them home (if you can). We discovered it is probably better to use men’s sweaters because even though the arms look really big you have to realize your legs have to fit through the sleeves and women’s sleeves are often smaller. Thus, we had to cut up on of the sweaters and sew the pieces back together.*

Sweater Socks by Cappuccino & WineSweater Socks by Cappuccino & Wine

Once you have the sleeve or pieces cut to the length you wish you serge (or sew) the sides you cut to make certain your boot socks do not unravel as you wear them. We just sewed ours because our serger was not working and they turned out great!

Sweater Socks by Cappuccino & WineSweater Socks by Cappuccino & Wine

Last – Try them on again!

Sweater Socks by Cappuccino & Wine

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Chalkboard-Stemmed Wine Glasses

Chalkboard Wine Glasses by Cappuccino & WineThis was one of the first Pinterest crafts I found when I got my account and it has stuck with me this whole time! As you all know, I am huge connoisseur of wine and this just struck my fancy! Also, when it comes to having wine nights you have to come up with some way to keep your glasses straight (aside from those cute glass charms – I love those)!

This turned out to be a fairly easy craft once I decided to get all the pieces. You will need: wine glasses (I got a set for $4 at Target), Chalk Spray Paint (Hobby Lobby), paint or duck tape, plastic grocery bags.

Chalkboard Wine Glasses by Cappuccino & Wine

I placed a plastic grocery bag over the top of the wine glass and down over the stem (by poking the base and stem through a hole). I then taped the bag about 1/4-1/3 of an inch up the stem with the tape in a straight line. This way I only sprayed what I wanted to spray and they were all even.

Chalkboard Wine Glasses by Cappuccino & Wine

Next I took the glasses outside (always best) and sprayed the base and stems with fluid strokes. *The can said to spray this way to avoid dripping and clumps.

Chalkboard Wine Glasses by Cappuccino & Wine

Then you let the glasses dry (about 2 hours) and repeat with another layer of the spray paint, this is to ensure it “sticks”. Let dry again and you are ready to go! *The spray paint advised you rub chalk over the whole area and then wipe off to get a base coat set.

Chalkboard Wine Glasses by Cappuccino & Wine

Drink & Enjoy!

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Artichoke Cream Cheese Dip on Bruschetta Bread

Artichoke Dip by Cappuccino and WineThis is a recipe my mom came across at a wine party, one of her friends brought it and everyone loved it – it goes great with wine or beer, is light weight, and very easy to make! *Warning – very addicting! 🙂

What you need:Artichoke Dip by Cappuccino and Wine
8oz cream cheese
8oz sour cream
green onions chopped finely
1 tomato chopped finely
1 can artichoke hearts

Mix everything together in a medium-sized bowl. You can use this a dip with wheat thins or similar crackers OR serve with bruschetta bread slices.

Bake if not pre-baked, bruschetta (or similar) bread. Slice into about 1-1.5 inch slices and rub or coat one side of each slice with olive oil. Then place in the oven on Broil until nicely toasted.

Artichoke Dip by Cappuccino and Wine

Artichoke Dip by Cappuccino and Wine

NOW grab a glass of Moscato and enjoy!

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Burlap & Lace Table Runners

This is a craft my mom decided to do for our wine and craft day. It is something she saw on Pinterest and thought it would look cute in any kitchen AND it is pretty simple!

What you will need:

  • Burlap material 12in X 44in
  • Lace material 12in X width of your choice
  • Sewing machine
  • Brown and white thread

How you make it:

If you picked up more than the amount of burlap for one runner cut it down to the size of your choice. Then sew all four edges using a brown thread once (this is to avoid unraveling) we sewed about 1/4 of inch in on all sides. You can also serge, this would probably work better, but our serger is broken so sewing worked fine.

Then cut the lace to fit perfectly on both ends of the strip of burlap. Then sew both pieces of lace to the ends of burlap with thread matching the color of the lace. We sewed about 1/4 of inch in on the lace to make certain it all stayed in place. You can decide how far in and how detailed you sew.

Done and ready to decorate with it!

Cost: Lace & Burlap from Hobby Lobby with two 40% coupons equals about $1.88 a piece not including time & thread

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Holiday Season & Snow

First off, sorry for the delay in new posts! I had a crazy Thanksgiving holiday with the family & friends and it seemed like I was going the whole time! But no worries…while on holiday I had a wine/craft day with a group of friends and family that resulted in a whole slew of new crafts and recipes for posts 🙂 I promise to bring you more posts in the next couple of weeks. Thus, you can look forward to: burlap & lace table runners, antique wire wreaths, popsicle snowflakes, chalkboard stemmed wine glasses, artichoke-cream cheese dip on bruschetta bread, and decorating with Christmas lights!!

I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday (if you celebrated) or a good week if you did not. I for one am now counting down the days until the Christmas and New Years holidays — I LOVE decorating for this season – the colors & smells!

Lastly, we had snow! Not a lot, mind you, but enough to chill the air and make me dream of steamy baths, hot chocolate, a good book, and sweatshirts.

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Decorating/Repurposing with Glass “Ball” Jars

I’m sure many of, like me, have seen the giant upswing in the use of old (or new) canning jars for decorating, weddings, crafts, etc.! I for one am in love with the idea of using old mason jars (aka canning jars) as wedding table or party table decorations to give it the old-time or western theme – too cute.

Now the real adventure is to try to find the old-fashioned, original, blue Ball Jars – which are no longer made. My mom has managed to uncover six at various antique stores for her craft. They are not always easy to find and not always cheap, but well worth it. This is an example of blue Ball jars.

Unfortunately, I am not throwing a party any time soon 😦 so here are some other ways that I, and friends/family, have been using canning jars!

My mom’s craft: Ball Jar & Canning Rack Centerpiece – She is not yet finished with this so I will have to wait on her picture, but here is the one she is going off of (she’s making it a table centerpiece instead of chandelier):

My craft: Picture Frame Flower Pot – I already posted about this so go check it out. I used an old candle jar in this one but a mason jar works just as well AND adds a cool look. Or you can just use the jar for flowers & decorations.

My friends decorating idea: Canning Jars for Spices & Ingredients – This adds wonderful colors to her kitchen, they are easy to use, and resealable. She is planning to add some of the red color to her walls as an accent.

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DIY Earring Holder

This is a craft born of need and supplies at hand! I was sick of digging through my earrings trying to find the match or finding them scattered in five different places – so I fashioned myself a holder!

I had some fleece left over from tie-blanket pillow covers, some ribbon from scrapbooking, and a whole bunch of safety pins. Add this together and you have an easy (and cheap) earring holder!

I cut the ribbon long enough to fit around the top of my towel holder in the bathroom and tied it in a circle. Then I folded about two inches of top of the square(ish) piece of fleece and saftey-pinned it to itself. Originally I stopped here but over time I realized to keep the fleece from squashing together I needed to safety-pin it to the ribbon on each side. I added about four safety pins total to hold the fleece in place on the ribbon.

Violá – Homemade earring holder that was easy & super cheap!

*Note: I have received many compliments on my thinking, but not on my design (I was working with what I had!) 🙂 If you want to dress it up I would suggest an evenly cut piece of fleece in a color of your choice with matching ribbon. You could also do a mini tie-blanket design if you wanted.

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Getting a Pinterest-Ready Closet…On a Budget

I’m sure many of you, like me, are trying to create those fashions you see every time you log on to Pinterest. However, most of the links on Pinterest lead to designer websites where one t-shirt equals two outfits you already own (jewelry included). No worries, you are not alone!

But I use a simple plan on how to get the dream closet I drool over every time I flip through those pins!

For starters, I pick clothes or shoes that I know will work for more than one outfit. I’m not a big fan of having the “perfect” shoes or the cutest sweater that I can only wear once a month because it only goes with one outfit. Thus, if the price is a little higher I can justify the buy because I will get my uses for it. Then, I narrow down what will – inevitably – be the most expensive parts of those outfits and save the money to get one of them. For example, boots. If you want to get your money’s worth you have to spend the money which will save you money in the long run – because you don’t have to replace them. Last, I wait, save my money, and accessorize the crud out of the outfits I already own!

Now for my random thoughts:
Current thirst quencher: Wild Cherry Pepsi (an addiction)

Still Reading: Casual Vacancy by J.K. Rowling (has become very intriguing – a town interconnected in 100 different ways & none of them realize it)

Soundtrack I want to purchase: Songs from TV show Nashville

Fun Fact: Many people who read the word yawn or yawning begin to feel the urge to yawn.

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Pumpkin Pie Dip

This is a recipe I tried at a recent Halloween get together, and simply loved it! I am planning on using this as my dessert-snack for Thanksgiving. It is simple and tastes exactly like eating pumpkin pie (minus the pie & oven).

Now I went about this recipe a little differently than normal. I was pretty certain I remembered what the maker had told me was in it so I bought the ingredients before looking up the recipe…oops! I discovered through Pinterest that there are several Pumpkin Pie Dip recipes out there and none of them looked like what she told me – until I found the pin on her site. So be warned, this is only one version of the dip, however it is the simplest ingredient wise.

Recipe:1 container whipped topping, 1 12-ounce can pumpkin pie filling, 1 package vanilla pudding (dry), 1tbsp cinnamon, & 1tbsp pumpkin pie spice OR pumpkin pie pudding (dry). Mix everything together in a bowl and eat with wafers or fruit!


  1. I added more cinnamon than a tbsp because I did not know you used vanilla pudding and was trying to get the right taste – in the end I liked the extra cinnamon. I would add to your taste.
  2. I used pumpkin pie spice pudding mix because I did not have pumpkin pie spice and it worked just the same.
  3. You can either set this out in a bowl OR hollow out and clean a small pumpkin to serve the dip in (neat look).
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Homemade Halloween Cards (under $1 each!)

I apologize that this post has come after Halloween but I couldn’t spoil the surprise for my card recipients who follow my blog! However, these techniques can be used on cards for any season – it is pretty simple – so I am going to tell you what I used and then show you my fun Halloween cards from this year!

As I have mentioned I love scrapbooking and have WAY too many scrapbooking materials, so I decided to put some of the extras to good use and make homemade cards for family and friends. I have sent out birthday and Halloween cards so far but I plan to home-make my Christmas cards as well. I decided to go this track because I figured I could make cards a lot cheaper than spending $3-$4 per card at a store! I proved myself correct!

I hit up Hobby Lobby (one of my favorite stores) and found a pack of 50 white, cardstock cards & envelopes on sale for $3.99! This is roughly $0.08 per card. **The next supplies I already had but these are approximate prices** I found a box of about 40 Halloween “pop-out” stickers for about $4.  I used at least one per card so this is $0.10 per card. Last I used fun, colorful sticker letters. These normally sell for $0.96 – $1.99 depending on how large and how fancy you choose. Centering this at $1.50 for 52 letters is about $0.03 per letter with an average of 13 letters per card equals $0.39 per card. THUS, I managed to make each card for roughly $0.57!! (Not counting the stamp)

Here are my home-made Halloween Cards:


  1. I place a “signature” stamp (a stamp I really like) on the back of each card and on the back of each envelope as a way of showing they were made by me.
  2. The glittery cards you see (Hocus Pocus & Go Batty) are made with glittery letters that I would NOT recommend using for cards or scrapbooks. They do not tend to remain stuck where you stick them.
  3. Each card took me about 10 minutes to make once I decided what I wanted to do.

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