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Popsicle Snowflakes

This was the craft completed by one of my friends at our craft day! She found this idea on Pinterest and decided to try it out so she could decorate the two large windows in her living room. What you … Continue reading

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DIY Sweater Boot Socks

This was another Pinterest find that I was glad to stumble across! I recently (finally) purchased some brown and black knee-high boots for wearing over tights or jeans and I love them! Once I had them I really wanted to … Continue reading

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Chalkboard-Stemmed Wine Glasses

This was one of the first Pinterest crafts I found when I got my account and it has stuck with me this whole time! As you all know, I am huge¬†connoisseur of wine and this just struck my fancy!¬†Also, when … Continue reading

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Holiday Season & Snow

First off, sorry for the delay in new posts! I had a crazy Thanksgiving holiday with the family & friends and it seemed like I was going the whole time! But no worries…while on holiday I had a wine/craft day … Continue reading

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Decorating/Repurposing with Glass “Ball” Jars

I’m sure many of, like me, have seen the giant upswing in the use of old (or new) canning jars for decorating, weddings, crafts, etc.! I for one am in love with the idea of using old mason jars (aka … Continue reading

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DIY Earring Holder

This is a craft born of need and supplies at hand! I was sick of digging through my earrings trying to find the match or finding them scattered in five different places – so I fashioned myself a holder! I … Continue reading

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Pumpkin Pie Dip

This is a recipe I tried at a recent Halloween get together, and simply loved it! I am planning on using this as my dessert-snack for Thanksgiving. It is simple and tastes exactly like eating pumpkin pie (minus the pie … Continue reading

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Homemade Halloween Cards (under $1 each!)

I apologize that this post has come after Halloween but I couldn’t spoil the surprise for my card recipients who follow my blog! However, these techniques can be used on cards for any season – it is pretty simple – … Continue reading

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DIY Porcelain Plates & Mugs with Sayings

I’m sure many of you have seen this recent porcelain-decorating trend on Pinterest or other DIY websites. It was a craft both my mom and I really wanted to try but it took some time to get all the pieces … Continue reading

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Pineapple Punch Cake

*Sorry for the mid-week first post, it’s been one of those weeks!* This recipe idea evolved from a need for a meeting snack and what resided in my cupboards…thus I could also call it Cupboard Cake if I wanted! I … Continue reading

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